The Section is run by a Committee which consists of the Lady Captain, Vice-Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, Handicap Secretary, Competitions Secretary and Past Captain along with five other members.  Photographs and job descriptions of all Committee members are displayed in the Ladies’ locker room. Meetings are held monthly and copies of the minutes are posted on the noticeboard in the hallway upstairs.  Ladies are free to contact the Lady Captain or any Committee member on any matter that they may wish to raise (telephone numbers are listed in the Club Diary).


Tuesday is the main day for competitions for Ladies and tee-times are available - varying from Summer to Winter - on both courses for Ladies only. If Ladies cannot play in a competition on any particular Tuesday, they can usually play on the preceding Saturday however they will have to book a tee-time through the Pro-shop. Details of Ladies’ competitions can be found in the Club Diary.

Start sheets for Ladies’ competitions (including those played with the Mens’ Veterans Section) are posted on the noticeboards in the Ladies’ locker room. Entry sheets for special days are posted in good time prior to the date of the event. There is a small entry fee for most competitions to cover the cost of the prizes and engraving of trophies - details will be included on the entry sheet. Entry fees for all competitions must be paid before going out onto the course.

A Directory of Competitions is displayed on the desk in the Ladies’ locker room and this gives competition details and photographs of trophies. Competition entry books for both courses are also kept on the desk and Ladies should sign these before going out to play in the competition as well as logging into the computerised PSI system.  The terminals for ths PSI system are located in the Henry Cotton lounge and entrance lobby to the men’s chamging room. Competition scores should be entered into the PSI system on completion of each round.

Details of Mixed Competitions are on the noticeboard downstairs in the hallway leading to the bar.

Several Ladies’ interclub friendly matches are played throughout the season, some at Gosfield and some at away courses. Details of these matches and the associated entry sheets are on the noticeboards in the Ladies’ locker rooms.


All Ladies are responsible for their own handicap - the information on the current Handicapping System is on the display board in the Ladies’ locker room.

To gain a handicap, it is necessary to submit three cards marked “For Handicap”, the total number of shots taken having been recorded - all three cards must be signed by player with a recognised handicap and must be placed in the “Competitions Cards” box in the Ladies’ locker room. The Ladies’ Handicap Secretary will advise when a handicap has been gained.


The Ladies Section run two County teams, Silver Trophy (team of 5 players of handicaps 10+) and Bronze (team of 7 players of handicaps 19+).


Ladies are asked to dress smartly both on the Golf Course and in the Clubhouse.  

On the Golf Course they may wear: 

Tailored knee-length shorts, cropped or full-length trousers or appropriate knee length skort.

Shirts may be sleeveless or with sleeves but must have either a collar, polo or turtle neckline.

Ladies may wear coloured socks if they wish. 

Footwear designed for golf must always be worn on the Lakes Course. 

Smart trainers may be worn on the Meadows Course.

In the Clubhouse: 

Shoes must be worn in the Clubhouse – smart trainers are allowed in the Sir Henry Cotton Bar. 


Lockers for storing valuables safely whilst playing golf may be rented on an annual basis for a small fee. The income from the locker funds funds the general administration of the Ladies’ Section. Various fund-raising events and raffles raise money for Team Expenses and for the Lady Captain’s charity.