Club Policies

The Club have recently adopted an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy, as recommended by England Golf. We have also adopted a set of Disciplinary Regulations which sit alongside the Equality Policy.

Golf belongs to everyone. All who play or aspire to play, must have an equal opportunity to do so. In broad terms, what we are saying is that we will ensure that all our activities, be they competitions, events or other activities, will be carried out in a fair and equitable way. We will not discriminate against anyone on the basis of what are called ‘Protected Characteristics. These are defined in the Equality Act 2010.

The Disciplinary Regulations are there to ensure that we have procedures in place to deal with any alleged breaches of club rules, regulations and policies. We would certainly hope and expect that there will not be a need for these Regulations to be used, but they are there to ensure that we are able to deal with any issues that do arise. It should be noted that, where appropriate, matters can be resolved informally.

Disciplinary Regulations